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Adoption Story: Philip and Hope

God writes the best stories! They are often woven with heartache, hope, and redemption. Unexpected turns and twists. Ones we would never choose on our own, but when we step back and look at what God has done, we’re amazed by His faithfulness.  In the midst of the roller coaster of the wait, what Philip and Hope didn't know was that an expectant mom had come across their profile and was hopeful they would be the parents for her baby boy.  Just a few days after finding out the news they were hopping on a plane to meet their son. Today Hope shares their beautiful adoption story…


Henry’s story takes root very early in our lives, before we even had a clue. God is beyond good. He knows and cares more about us than we could ever realize.

Before we were even married or together, Philip and I have always looked forward to starting a family. We love children! So when we finally got married, it was an easy decision to say we wanted to have children almost immediately. People never assume that they will be the ones who cannot conceive. Each month was a roller coaster of highs and lows; we went from hoping for the best followed by being disappointed with, what we thought was, the worst. Fast forward to about two and a half years into this journey… we had seen multiple doctors, had lots of tests, and went through trials with no positive answers. We always had a heart for adoption, but, like most everyone else, we made “our plan” to have biological children first and then consider adopting after. God let us try our plan, and He patiently waited until our hearts, mostly my heart, had softened and relinquished the control I thought I had over it all.

Just days after a rather disappointing appointment with a fertility specialist, I felt at my lowest and asked God why it had come to this point, with very little options left and no hope. And in that moment, God gave me absolute peace. Peace that allowed me to instantly let go of the things I thought I would mourn for a long time. Peace that lifted me up in extreme excitement knowing that I had been looking for my child in the wrong place. I was given the hope that he or she was still on its way; I just needed to redirect my idea of how, where, and when we would receive this child. Philip had reached that point of peace before me, and we were ready to dive in to adoption that same evening. And so we did! Within days, we had spoken with Leah and were signed up!

For the first time in a long time, we had this overwhelming sense of being on the right path. Little did we know, our son was already conceived. I worked quickly through the initial parts of the adoption process, and we were soon ready to receive situations. In hindsight, the entire process was rather quick, especially compared to our years of trying to conceive. But during the time of receiving situations, it felt like eternity. We presented to a couple of situations and were not chosen. That was much harder than I thought it would be. But, just as Leah always encouraged me, God did not let us miss the child He had planned for our family. The other situations were just not meant for us. But rather, we were meant to know about them and pray for those babies, birth parents, and adoptive parents.

About four months into receiving situations, we decided to present to another expectant mother. We submitted our paperwork and profile like normal and waited. A few days later, I got an email that a different expectant mother had seen our family profile on the agency’s website and said she would like us to parent her baby—just like that! This came as a wonderful surprise, but also brought many confusing emotions. First, after so many previous “no’s,” we had started to wonder why no one thought we would be good parents for their child (that is a lie from Satan, by the way). And now, a mother had chosen us! Plus, she chose us first, before we even knew about her or the baby! Overjoyed by this news, disappointment still lingered afterwards. Since we had just presented to another situation, we could not say yes to this one. While we would have surely been so happy with the original situation if we had been chosen, this new one just felt right. How could we say no to someone who was offering us the blessing of parenting her child? But the reality was we were going to have to say no. I was heartbroken. I remember sitting in our kitchen sobbing. Philip is always more level headed than I am and can accept things the way they come. But this time, you could tell it didn’t sit right with him either.

In desperation, I emailed Leah about this. I asked if there was any way we could see if the first mother had chosen anyone yet, or if there was an idea when that would be decided. At this point, we believed she had already had the profiles. Leah asked that agency and got back to us quickly with the news that the mother had not come in to pick up the profiles yet, so technically we had not presented to her yet. The agency was going to remove our name from the list of families for her and we were clear to say yes to this new mother. The way that worked out was ONLY God’s doing. He was trying to show us, yet again, that nothing is impossible with Him. Nothing is the end with Him. And just like that, we could say yes to this little boy!

The information we received about this expectant mother and baby boy was what we had been looking for all along. It all felt like the perfect fit. The email first came on a Tuesday night. By the following Friday October 20th, the match was official. Our little boy was due November 18th. We could hardly believe we only had 4 short weeks to prepare for this little guy. So much needed to be done!! So much money needed to be raised! But it was with pure excitement that we moved forward awaiting his arrival. We didn’t tell our families until two days later on October 22nd. The following day at work we told our coworkers and friends. That same day, I got a call from the agency saying Henry had been born and we could come and get him. Though 4 weeks early, he was healthy and ready for us! I think time stopped for a little, and I could not comprehend what I had just heard. He had been born the previous day, on October 22nd, while we celebrated the news with our families. The next 24 hours were a blur. Leaving work knowing I wouldn’t be back for 3 months, packing, running to the store to buy preemie clothes and baby items, the bank, booking flights, etc. By Tuesday at 2pm we were there, in the hospital lobby, waiting for the caseworker to take us to meet our son. What a crazy feeling. We were first emailed about this child on a Tuesday evening, and exactly one week later, we were in the hospital about to meet him. God knew we had waited long enough in our quest for our child, and so he sped things along, and thank goodness He did! When we were finally able to go to the NICU and meet our baby boy, we experienced the most indescribable moment. He was just handed to us- this precious, tiny, baby boy. Our Henry Philip. We had waited for this child for so long—for years and years. And when we held him for the first time, I remember his tiny, little forehead wrinkled up as he opened his eyes to see his parents for the first time. It was as if he was saying, ‘I have been waiting for you, too.’ I can never ever thank God enough for those precious initial moments.

During our journey of fundraising, trying to prepare, and waiting so impatiently, God showed me that adoption is much more than this miracle of having a child. We were blessed beyond belief by people’s generosity, kind words, and prayers. We had the privilege of hearing others’ adoption stories, whether they had adopted or had been adopted. We saw just how kind and selfless people can be, even people you don’t know very well, or at all. God had His mighty hand in all of this. And my eyes were opened to that along the way. He softened the hardness in my heart that I didn’t realize I had. He opened my eyes to the needs around me and challenged me to be more generous and giving. If it weren’t for the generosity of others, our story would be much different. I just cannot get past the ways people gave to us - items, money, prayers, a condo to stay in and a car to drive while in FL, secret stashes of cash for food and traveling expenses, words of encouragement to carry our hearts, and much more! While we were in Florida, completely unsure of how the rest of our money would be raised, family and friends took care of it for us at home. Baby items were sent to our house and money was being raised while we snuggled our little bundle of joy. Blessing and after blessing.

Our time with Henry in the NICU, relaxing in Florida, and coming home was like a dream come true. God put him in our hearts a long time ago, we just had to be patient. And everything we have been through in our lives and in our marriage led us to this moment of meeting him and knowing such a new and overwhelming love. We thank God every day for our little sweetheart and for the loving decision his birth parents made.

Just one adoption is so powerful; it affects many people, many hearts, many lives. Henry’s story has changed and blessed more than just Philip and I. We feel privileged to call him our son!

Congratulations Philip and Hope!!  It was so much fun watching God grow your family through adoption!

If you've been considering adoption I would love to chat with you more about working with CAC! Email me at

Adoption Story: Ethan and Danielle

A few weeks ago, I sat on my sofa with Danielle and her husband Ethan.  Their precious baby girl in their arms and in the background you could hear our girls giggling while they played dress up together.  A few months earlier, we were all strangers.  Now friends breaking bread around my kitchen table and swooning over their precious baby girl.  Adoption brought our families together, and it was genuinely such a pleasure to work with them.  As the months passed, I would grow to love their resilient, optimistic spirits and open hearts for whatever God had planned for them.  It was such a treat for me to meet them in person when their daughter was born at a hospital nearby.

God had a beautiful redemption story He was writing for their family.  Danielle shares all the details below...


I saw a friend of mine go through her adoption journey during the first year of my struggle with secondary infertility. Something in my heart leapt every single time I saw her post on social media or listened to her talk openly about her story. I tucked that feeling away and trudged on through our secondary infertility journey.

My husband and I conceived our now four year old daughter after our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. We wrote the miscarriage off as a fluke and didn’t consider once that this could have been an indication of any fertility issues. I carried our daughter to a whopping 42 weeks without one issue and our hearts were so full of joy. It was when she was about a year old my husband and I considered the possibility of adding a second child to our family. We thought surely we would become pregnant instantly as we had with our first two pregnancies. The first month, I did not get the positive test I had hoped for. I was so upset. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I just had my dates off. Surely next month. After 3, 6, 9, even 12 months went by, I knew something was wrong. My doctor was hesitant to diagnose my then 23 year old self with any kind of fertility problem and told us to keep trying. By the time we had tried nearly 18 months, my heart was broken. I walked around feeling like a shell of who I really was. My heart ached so desperately for another child. Didn’t God see me? Didn’t He know the desire of my heart? I often shook my fist at him thinking I knew best and was angered that my plan didn’t seem to be His plan. 
We welcomed the new year in 2017 with crushed spirits. I told my husband over dinner one evening that I simply couldn’t bear another month of trying to conceive. He agreed that this had stolen our joy for too long. We had always chatted briefly about adoption and certainly had huge hearts for adoption throughout our lives, however, it was always a “Plan B” option. If we couldn’t give birth to biological children, maybe we would adopt. But that night – my husband and I began unpacking that we both truly felt the Lord calling us to adoption over pursuing any fertility treatments. It was really amazing at that night at dinner how the two of us just felt peace wash over us and felt our hearts had aligned without either one of us knowing it about adoption.

I reached out to my friend I mentioned earlier who I had just witnessed her adoption journey and she told us about CAC. We scoped out local adoption agencies and a variety of other agencies and consulting groups across the US. None of them gave us a special feeling, and, sadly, the local agencies we visited even left us feeling defeated. I remember leaving one agency in particular doubting if we were even called to adopt. It was days after that meeting that we reached out to CAC by email and Leah replied back to us. We had a call with her and just felt immediately connected to her. Her passion for adoption and love for her clients showed instantly and we just knew we wanted to take our journey alongside her! We signed on in January 2017 and were home study approved on April 1st 2017.

After becoming home study approved, we had so many emotions knowing a situation could come at any time. We got one the day after signing on and I remember thinking “THIS IS IT!” I got my hopes up way too high and that first “no” was crushing. Leah provided such kind and gentle support during this time and reminded us about guarding our hearts in this process and how this would all make sense when our baby was in our arms. It was her understanding and compassion that made those “no’s” so much easier. Over those next few months, we saw tons of situations – sometimes even 2-3 a week. We kept thinking something would happen quickly. However, after hearing dozens of “no’s” we became a little discouraged by the end of summer. It was September 2017 and I remember crying out to the Lord how desperately I wanted this baby home for the holidays. The holidays were always a difficult time as I would unpack our daughter’s old Halloween costumes, the tiny stocking we bought for our future baby, and things of that sort. We had hoped for the last two years that our year would end with a baby in our home to use those things. I feared 2017 would be another year we would end with broken hearts and empty arms. It was in my desperation that I felt the Lord press into my soul a reminder that he is a FAITHFUL God. Over and over again, I felt Him reminding me that He was not just faithful if He provided us a baby. He was faithful through every single moment of my life – every single joy and every single sorrow. He was faithful through our infertility and through our adoption wait. His faithfulness was NOT conditional on us receiving another child into our home or not. That really sat with me and I stirred over it often; reminding myself of how good He had been to me. That made the wait easier and really helped to renew my spirit.

October 1st we hit our 6 month mark of waiting and honestly, we just took time to enjoy the fall. We spent our weekends doing fun activities as a family and enjoyed celebrating my husband and sister’s birthdays. It was actually the day before my sister’s birthday we received a situation of a baby that had been due the week prior (on my husband’s birthday!) that would be born likely over the upcoming weekend. We put our “yes” on the table and continued on with the weekend. We had so much fun going to a birthday dinner for my sister and crossing a few things off our fall bucket list. We didn’t even have a clue what was about to happen to our lives!
We got the call on Monday that a baby girl had been born and that her birth mother would be reviewing profile books that afternoon. We went about our day as usual – grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and spending a day off school with my daughter. We sat down to watch a movie that afternoon and my phone rang. I froze. Was this THE CALL?! Sure enough – it was an attorney from one of CAC’s agencies letting us know we had been chosen to parent a beautiful 2 day old baby girl and we could head to Florida right away to get her! My husband and I – in a whirlwind – called our family, booked flights, packed like crazy, and hopped on the first available flight the next morning at 5am. We met our daughter, who we named Arden Mae, on Tuesday, October 24th and our whole process suddenly made sense. We looked down at her and tears just fell as we processed that she was what God had for us all along. All those days of doubt – anger – frustration – confusion – fear …. He knew EXACTLY what He was doing. We truly believe that our “Plan B” was God’s “Plan A” for our lives all along – we just had to take a step out in faith and trust Him.

Now that we are on the other side of the “valley” so to speak – we can see everything that God was doing behind the scenes. We make sense of our infertility, which we know without a doubt God used in our lives to show us that adoption was what He had in store for us. We make sense of all the painful “no’s”, which we know now were babies that were meant for other families and that our sweet Arden was always meant for us. Every day that we spent heartbroken we now know were days God drew us closer to Him and made us depend on Him for strength. And now, we shout from the “mountain top” His faithfulness to us for giving us our daughter – who we waited patiently for for so very long.
To anyone about to embark on their adoption journey, my biggest piece of advice is to TRUST. Trust the Lord. Trust the process. Trust your heart when you review each situation. And wholeheartedly believe that the Lord is directing your every step. With Him, there are no mistakes – there is no missing your baby – there is no decision to be made, for He has already made a way and written this baby into your family long ago. When you see the face of that sweet baby, you will know this to be true. Hold on to His promises and trust Him, for it is only in that that you will experience peace on this crazy journey!
Congratulations, Ethan, Danielle, and big sis Emersyn!  I'm grateful God crossed our paths and I couldn't be happier for your sweet family!

Considering adoption? I'd love to chat with you more about working with CAC! Email me at

Adoption Story: Will and Brittany

God is always at work.  Even in those quiet seasons of waiting, He is working behind the scenes to unfold everything in His perfect timing.  Sometimes during those trying seasons where it almost feels like He is withholding something good from us, He is doing an even better work within us.  A work in our hearts.  Asking us if He is enough.  Challenging us to question whether He is where we truly put our hope.  Asking us if we trust His plan is better than the one we've imagined up on our own.  

God had a good plan for Will and Brittany - one they would now agree is better than they could have asked for or imagined.  He placed a baby girl on their hearts and a hurricane wouldn't even stand in their way to meet their sweet baby girl.  This fall while Florida residents were evacuating the coast as hurricane Irma was approaching, Will and Brittany were traveling toward the storm to meet their precious baby girl.  Brittany shares their family's journey and all that God taught them along the way.  


Our journey to adoption didn’t start that much different than a lot of other adoption stories I have followed. My husband Will and I talked about adoption from early years in our marriage. However, after dealing with infertility for a few years, we realized adoption was the direction God was telling us to go to grow our family. I vividly remember the conversation with Will early one morning before work where we both agreed we didn't feel like we should pursue treatments any further. Once we decided on adoption, we took about a year to research all of the options. There are so many options when it comes to adoption. This was why we knew using a consultant was the right step for us. I had followed CAC and Leah on Instagram for a while and knew she was our consultant. At that time, we were leaders in our church youth group and felt a connection with her and her husband since they also lead youth at their church. I even think our first emails to each other were during youth camp one summer! We signed on with CAC in June 2016 and I remember the hope and excitement I instantly felt when we turned in our paperwork. It was an excitement we hadn't felt for a long time. We got started on our home study later that summer and were ready to start seeing situations late December.

I will always remember the first situation we got. It’s honestly humbling to be sent an expectant mom’s story and pour over details of her personal life and reasons why she is choosing adoption for her precious baby. It is also such a reality check when you are reading through each situation. I think that is one of the biggest things I want people to realize about adoption. I have said multiple times that Lifetime Channel does adoption no favors when it comes to stereotypes. None of the situations we saw were a 15 year old girl from suburbia with a perfect family who found herself pregnant by her 15 year old boyfriend. We saw situations that came from very hard, broken circumstances and that varied with every detail. But with each situation, we could see that the birthmothers loved their babies and believed adoption was what was best for them. We took each situation pretty seriously so if we decided to present, we went in each time with our whole hearts. So each “no” we heard or “not yet” was crushing. But Leah was so comforting to remind us God knew our baby and she saw parents and babies be matched at the right time….in God’s timing, not ours.

We continues to see situations up until the summer and then there seemed to be a big pause in situations being sent our way. It was about 6 weeks before we received another situation. Those 6 weeks were torture and I really wrestled with God and his plan. But now, looking back, I can see in that 6 weeks where my trust and hope in God grew so much. It was like God was asking me where my hope was. What it in being a mom? Or was it in him and him alone? Did I trust him no matter the outcome? Late July, we received a situation from Leah (finally!!). I remember exactly where I was on that Friday afternoon! I joke with Leah about “Situation Fridays” because I felt like the majority of our situations were emailed over on Fridays. The funny thing about this situation was that Will and I really didn't have to read very many details of it. We both pretty instantly agreed that we wanted to present. A few days later, we received the email that the expectant mom wanted to schedule a call! I would imagine the excitement of that moment is like seeing a pregnancy test for the first time. You are nervous, not sure how this will turn out since it is so early, but so excited and you know your life will probably never be the same!

We were officially matched after our call and our sweet Isabella Marie Hope was born September 13- right after Hurricane Irma. The stories we have from traveling to her literally through a hurricane will be told for years to come! We were able to spend 4 days in the hospital loving on Isabella with our birth mom and her family. We are so thankful that we will always be able to tell Bella about that time and how we go to know her birth family and how they welcomed us with open arms (and hugs!). We didn't go into this expecting or even hoping for an open adoption but now, we are so grateful for the relationship we have with them and how Bella is loved by so many people.

Adoption has changed us. There is no way it won’t. The most obvious is that we are parents now! But more than that, we have an extended family we didn't have before. It has changed the way we see birth moms, orphans, the foster care system, the adoption process (the good and the hard). It’s also shown us multiple times how much God loves us and provides for us. We have countless stories of money that was given to us out of no where. Our church family threw us the biggest Yard sale fundraiser we have ever seen! The constant prayers and texts of encouragement we received weekly kept us going during the hardest times. Receiving the exact dollar amount we needed as a gift right before we had to sign our contract with our attorneys office. Even little details like getting to have a room in the hospital to keep Bella with us or the amazing nurses that cared for us in the hospital. Not all hospitals are adoption friendly but we were met with nothing but kindness. Leah and CAC were a huge resource and I would recommend them a million times! To have access to someone to answer all of your adoption questions, big or small, is invaluable. I know Leah prayed for us during our process. I can’t tell you how meaningful that was to us.

If adoption is on your heart, I encourage you to reach out to her and find out more information. But just prepared, because adoption will completely change your life and challenge you in a way you could never imagine! One phrase you will hear over and over in adoption is “Worth the Wait” and I can honestly say now on this side of everything, our sweet Isabella was definitely worth the wait and I am so thankful for God’s timing over our lives and not my own.


God is faithful and He can be trusted.  

Congratulations, Will and Brittany!  I adored working with your family and couldn't be happier for you!

Considering adoption? I'd love to chat with you more about working with CAC! Email me at

Adoption Story: Jared and Stephanie

Jared and Stephanie's adoption journey took some unexpected turns.  But, in the end I know they would both agree that they are so thankful for the road that led to their precious son!  Stephanie shares more below...


Adoption was always something we talked about, we knew that it would be a part of our story, but we never knew truly how amazing it would be. After trying to get pregnant with no luck, we felt God strongly calling us to stop fertility treatments and instead put our focus on adoption. The immediate peace I felt when we first reached out to Christian Adoption Consultants was like nothing I had ever experienced. After a couple emails back and forth all of my fears, worries, and questions were exchanged for joy, hope, and excitement! We signed up with CAC in December 2016 and quickly started our home study process and were ready to see situations mid-January! We quickly saw several situations and we had a true hope that someday soon we would be blessed with a baby in our arms!

After a few months of seeing situations, praying over them and presenting to a few, we got a call on a Thursday night in the beginning of May that we were MATCHED!! It was an unreal feeling of joy and excitement that someone chose us to be her baby’s parents, which is a surreal and humbling feeling. In the end, that birth mom chose last minute to parent her sweet baby girl. Our world was rocked and I began to question God’s plan in us adopting.

Literally 8 days later, we got a call asking us if we wanted to be parents TONIGHT?! A precious baby boy had been born 6 weeks early across the country. After some time in prayer we said YES and flew out the next morning to meet our baby boy! God’s timing was PERFECT! He knew exactly what we needed even when we were confused and not trusting in His perfect plan. We are SO in love with our son, he is truly the biggest blessing of our lives! Adoption has changed our lives, it has made us parents, helped us to grow closer to God, and trust Him in new ways.

Working with CAC made a world of difference in making our adoption go so smoothly. I cannot imagine adopting without our consultant Leah’s help, guidance, and constant encouragement and prayers!

Congratulations Jared and Stephanie!  What a sweet reminder your story has been that God is faithful and He can be trusted... even in the midst of heartache, He is working out a beautiful plan for our good and His glory!

Considering adoption? I'd love to chat with you more about working with CAC! Email me at

Adoption Story: Brandon and Alyse

I love this family's story.  From the way God opened Alyse's heart to adoption to the way they loved their daughter's birthmom so well - it was such an honor to walk alongside of them through their adoption journey.  THREE months after they sent off applications to our recommended agencies, they were matched.  Then just a few short weeks later their baby girl was in their arms.  Alyse shares all the details below... 


Our adoption journey didn't begin with a lifelong desire to pursue adoption. In fact, I brushed off the idea for several years as we struggled with infertility and the treatments that go along. I so badly wanted to experience pregnancy. Looking back, there were several moments throughout our infertility that pointed to adoption, and I purposely ignored them, praying to experience pregnancy and for our story to play out the way I had planned. It wasn't until October 2016 that I was sitting in church and so clearly understood that God wanted adoption to be a part of our story. In that moment, every part of me immediately released the longing to experience pregnancy, and our story suddenly made sense. God had given me that peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding.

We began working with CAC and Leah in February after completing our home study. We were so impressed with how available Leah was for any and every need or question we had, as well as the incredible resources CAC provided us to navigate this unknown world of adoption. After Leah completed our beautiful profile book and we applied to various agencies, we sat and waited. I'd like to say patiently, but it wasn't always easy to be patient. After five years of infertility, this was a new and exciting experience, but the waiting did not get easier. In fact, it was almost more difficult because becoming parents was so much closer than we'd ever been! Leah was so encouraging to us along the way. She put my heart at ease every time she reassured me that God would not let us miss our baby. We waited only three months, but I'll tell you, some days, it felt like a lifetime!

We finally got the call that we were matched just 27 days until Aubree's arrival! That was the most glorious moment as I literally fell to my knees in my kitchen, thanking God. I thanked Him for this incredible gift of our sweet Aubree, but I thanked him even more for giving us the story that HE planned for us. He taught me that He is the greatest author of all time- yesterday, today, and tomorrow. When the waiting gets tough and it's hard to see the end anywhere in sight, He is working and writing your story, and His stories are far better than we could ever imagine. When we say YES to God and His plan for us, our heartache turns into something we never imagined in our wildest dreams. THAT is the God we serve and the God who continues writing each of our stories.

In the end, we have seen God's hand in so many details throughout this journey. That October 2016 day when God so clearly laid adoption on my heart was made even more special when we found out Aubree was conceived in October 2016. When Aubree was born on June 29, 2017, we were blessed with the sweetest nurse who shared with us and Aubree's birth mother that she, too, had adopted a son 21 years ago who was born on June 29th. She was an incredible encourager to both of us mamas. We also formed the most precious relationship with Aubree's birth mother and sister. Upon our return to the hospital one morning, we arrived to find that Aubree's birth mother had dressed her in a onesie we'd had in her diaper bag (but hadn't shown her) that read "Worth the Wait". We continue to have a special relationship with her birth mother and are so thankful for her in our lives. We are thankful to CAC and Leah for guiding us through the unknowns of open adoption.

We never imagined our story would play out the way it has, but we are ever so grateful that God's stories are far more precious than ours and we are so completely in love with our sweet Aubree!

Brandon, Alyse and Aubree were waiting out ICPC just up the road from where I live, and I adored getting to hug their necks and hold their gorgeous baby girl! While we were eating ice cream together they got the call that they were cleared to bring their baby girl home.

Congratulations, Brandon and Alyse!!  What an absolute blessing it was to work with your family!  

Been considering adoption? I'd love to chat with you more about working with CAC! Email me at

Adoption Story: Jason and Suzanne

I absolutely adored working with Jason and Suzanne! Suzanne and I hit it off during our first phone call as we eerily had a ton in common. I was thrilled when she and her husband, Jason, decided to move forward with CAC! Suzanne shares more of their story below...


October 2016 I approached my husband with a very odd vision (the only thing I could call it) that I kept having. I told him I keep seeing our family in a year with a baby that doesn't look like us. We had discussed adoption many times before, always wanting it to be in our future, but we never expected that it would be this early. Jason was very receptive and said let's begin praying and see if this is where God is leading us now. I was shocked to see he didn't shut the idea down because within the last 7 months we had gotten married, changed careers and moved to a new state. So surely God wasn't planning on more changes (I know He's laughing as I write this!).


November 2016 we researched adoption and kept coming across Christian Adoption Consultants. Looking at all consultants, I came across Leah. Her husband, like mine, was a youth pastor, and they lived in Florida a few hours north of us. I emailed her and we talked over the phone and immediately hit it off. We began our journey with CAC excited and ready to see what a God had planned. After a few trials that Leah guided us through, we were home study approved in May 2017. A few weeks after our home study was completed, we were contacted by an adoption lawyer. What was meant to be an informational phone call turned in to "the one."  He said he had an expectant mother potentially for us who was due in July, and he wondered if we’d be interested in sending in our profile book. He said he would get back with us within a day or two. We prayed all night long for God’s will to be done and the next morning (May 25th) we received the news she picked us!

With about a month to prepare, we knew God was telling us "I got this, if you follow My plan I will take care of the rest" and He did! We then began communication with our son’s birthmom. Momma "N" as we call her did not speak English but through an interpreter we would FaceTime and text. Momma "N" was kind, loving and had the sweetest smile which always reassured me this was God's plan. We soon found out the baby was due a week early - June 27th!

On June 26th we flew to our son’s birth state and rushed to the hospital the next day. James Beckham "Beck" came at 9:58am! We stayed in his birth state for a total of 10 days after he was born. We will cherish those days forever loving on our baby boy and experiencing his first days of life. Even the ICPC wait was a blessing!

We cannot thank Leah enough for her guidance (with some counseling!), love, and friendship. Her continuous support is what brought us through whatever issues arose and always brought me peace. I know God led us to Leah not only for her help, but for her friendship. We cherish her and her family and are thankful to CAC for a new dear friend!

What an honor it was to watch their story unfold and I am beyond thankful for the friendship that was formed through this process! My personal favorite part of working with their family was when we got to meet in "real" life and I was able to snuggle sweet Beck!!  Congratulations, Jason and Suzanne - God has been faithful!

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Adoption Story: Austin and Melissa

Sometimes there are little bumps along the road and at the time they seem devastating. In the end, when you look back, you see God’s hand in all of the details. Austin and Melissa’s home study took a little longer than any of us anticipated. While it was frustrating, now that their baby girl is in their arms, it all makes perfect sense.  Just two months after their home study was completed, Austin and Melissa were on their way to meet their precious baby girl!  Melissa shares more about their journey to Milli below…


How we Found CAC - I started researching domestic adoption about 2 years ago.  My husband and I were struggling to become pregnant and we started looking into options for growing our family.  I came across a message board online with other momma's talking about the routes they were taking to grow their family through adoption.  One lady had mentioned CAC and how its a "different" way to approach domestic adoption.  I googled CAC and found their website - I immediately was drawn in.  I loved reading the consultants stories about the adoptions they had helped with.  It was inspiring.  For the first time in a long time I felt hope - I felt like adoption was calling me.

Adoption was a very daunting thing to my husband and I.  We really don't have a lot of adoption in our family, and we were nervous to step out into a path that was so unknown.  After praying and talking about it for months it seemed like, I reached out to CAC to get some more info.  I was lucky enough to receive a response from Leah who was so very helpful answering those few questions we had at the beginning.  We also reached out to local agencies to see what services they could provide.  The big thing that stood out to us comparing small, local agencies and CAC was the wait time.  We were ready to be parents, if we were going to do this (adoption) we were going all in.  We took the leap of faith and signed with CAC, what an exciting day!  We were actually in the process of adopting!!
We started our home study process in September 2016.  Leah was so helpful along the way, telling us what we could expect from the home study.. etc.  She also started helping us create our profile book.  This was sooo helpful, it really took the pressure off of us, she was an expert and knew was expectant parents were looking for in a profile book.  We had a hiccup with our home study in December of 2016.  The day we thought we would be approved, we found out we had to complete a couple extra steps.  It was devastating to us, but in reality it was only a couple week delay.  In that moment though, you feel like your world as stopped.  Leah was there for us.  She had personally been through similar experiences and really encouraged us to trust in God's timing.  In adoption the one thing we learned was to trust in God's timing.. that statement is so true.  If all the puzzle pieces didn't fall like they did, we wouldn't have our beautiful daughter Milli.  She was meant to be our daughter and in those trying times, it felt good to be able to reach out to Leah to give us encouragement.

We were home study approved in early January 2017, what a relief!!  We were finally "paper pregnant" .. what an exciting time, to have all the hard work from your home study pay off.  Leah started giving us suggestions on what agencies to apply to and also sending us situations.  When you see that first situation come across your email, its like the most exciting thing, everything is so REAL.  If we didn't have Leah's help to guide us through those first situations, we would have been very overwhelmed.  There is so much to think about, yes your home study prepares you for this, but it's different when you see that expectant momma's name and that due date.. which most of the time were very soon!

We presented 3 times before being placed with Milli.  The 3 times we heard "no" hurt more than you think its going to.  But like Leah always said, trust in God's timing. 
Milli's Wild and CraZy Placement - One thing I remember in the early days of researching adoption was reading blog posts of stories where waiting families got the news they were matched with a baby already born and they had to travel ASAP.  I remember thinking wow, how crazy and exciting that would be, never in my dreams did I think that would be us!

We presented to Milli's birth mom in early March 2017.  It took a couple weeks from saying we were going to present to her birth momma to her actually looking at the profiles.  Those 2 weeks were the longest weeks of my life.  I kept thinking over and over what she would think about us, would this be another "no"...  I was getting anxious because her due date was fast approaching and if we where chosen, it didn't leave a lot of time to plan.  On a Wednesday we got word that Milli's birth momma was interested in our profile, we were SOOO excited!!  You wait so long to hear those words.  We were set to have our phone call on Friday and to make our match official.  We were so excited and anxious, her due date was only 3 weeks away.  On Friday morning, I received an email that Milli's birth momma had GIVEN BIRTH... I was shocked!  After more emails and phone calls we were told to make travel plans ASAP.  Instead of being anxious about only have 3 weeks to plan, we had no time!  God sure does have a good sense of humor some times.  We had our daughter in our hands the very next day.
Leah was there for us through it all, educating us at the beginning, our home study, our 3 "no's" and our big 1 YES!

We are so blessed by adoption and by Milli.  Even if you have no experience with adoption or have no idea where to start, adoption can happen for you once you take that leap of faith.  You won't regret it - adoption is worth it!

Have questions about domestic adoption?  I would love to chat with you more about working with CAC!  Email me at
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