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Auction: $35.00 Gift Certificate toward fitted laptop or tablet sleeve

$35.00 Gift Certificate 

fitted laptop or tablet sleeve of your choice
  • Gift card toward ipad, ipad mini, laptop (11" or 13") or tablet sleeve 
  • Product Features
    • Handcrafted with high quality cotton fabric. 
    • Padded with a layer of fusible fleece.
    • A layer of interfacing is applied to the fabric for durability.
    • Securely fastened by a stylish fabric strap and button. 
    • The same premium fabric inside & out.
    • Large front pocket (approx. 8" x 8").
    • Can be made to fit over any case or cover that you already have on your iPad (see instruction below).
  • Visit FiveSproutsStitching to see all styles available 
  • Shipping:  Included in gift certificate 

  • Many thanks to Justin and Sarah at FiveSproutsStitching for donating this gift certificate!  Visit their shop for custom fitted laptop and tablet sleeves that are cute and protective. 


  1. **Don't forget to leave: BID, NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS**
    STARTING BID: $20.00


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