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Change in Perspective

I’ve never been a fan of fundraising.  I’ve always dreaded it because it’s just plain ole’ awkward asking people for money.

When we started the process, other adoptive families would say, don’t worry God will provide the funds, He always does.  And inside I would have this inner battle of... 
yes, we serve a big God who loves adoption 
wait that’s a whole lot $$$, there is just no way?!?

And then we stepped out in faith and the Lord slowly began to shatter my hatred for fundraising.  It all started when we announced our adoption and 2 weeks later we had almost $12,000 sitting in our adoption account.  We were in complete awe.  I can’t tell you how many times there has been a bump in the road and we began doubting this path we’re on and within minutes received a financial donation that was a sweet confirmation from the Lord to trudge forward.  

We have been blown away by the Lord’s faithfulness and the generosity of others throughout this process.  If it wouldn’t have been for fundraising, we would have never experienced the beautiful acts of sincere generosity from family and friends.  
We would have never connected with complete strangers who have donated, encouraged and even prayed for us.  
Fundraising has taught us to rely on the Lords timing and walk forward in faith.   

So, I will put my pride to the side and keep working hard to save every penny and fundraise.  
Because there so much beauty to be found in this process.  
And because I know in the end it will all be worth it. 

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