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Our Love Story – We Meet

After ending a relationship, finishing graduate school and starting my first big girl job, the crazy whirlwind of life changes were finally settling
and I was adjusting to my new ‘normal’

It’s October, and I’m feeling settled.  I’m meeting new people at my new church and I’m starting to make a few friends
One of these friends is connected in the young professionals ministry and I tell him I’m looking to get plugged in.  He invites me to a pumpkin carving party

I meet a bunch of new people and sit down to start carving my pumpkin
then this loud, funny guy catches my attention
I’m secretly laughing at his jokes in my head
And might be crushing a little bit from afar

A few minutes later, he is looking for a corn hole partner and I boldly volunteer myself
I single handedly lose the game
But, turns out he’s crushing a little too

I head back over to finish carving my pumpkin and end up getting stuck
in an awkward conversation
I don’t know how to get out of the conversation, so I smile and nod
I’m feeling a little bummed that I didn’t get to chat with that funny guy some more
But, I’m excited about all the new people I’ve met

Later that night, I go home and facebook stalk that cute guy
Turns out, he’s facebook stalking me too  

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