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Lovin BlogLovin

Lovin BlogLovin 

i think i'm a little late to the party
but, better late than never right?  
and I figured if i was late, then maybe someone else is too 

it's called Bloglovin 
and it's my organization freak/type A self's dream

i love reading blogs 
i follow several adoption/christian/family/diy blogs 
every week, I go through my favorites tab and check to see if any of the blogs i follow have been updated

well, Bloglovin lets you add all of your favorite blogs to one site
then it organizes a "feed" of the newest blog posts
the feed shows the new post title and the first couple lines of the post 
you can search for blogs by category, like posts, add friends and see their activity 

i'm kind of in love
now everything is organized in one place
and I don't have to keep stalking blogs to see if a new post is written 

if you don't have an account, go get one 
and don't forget to Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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