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Fundraiser Update

Our first fundraiser is still open!

We are getting closer to being matched!  
We are presenting to situations and could get a YES any day now...
Please pray with us as we wait anxiously for a YES!

With a match, we will be required to pay the majority of our fees. 
We are still short several thousand dollars and pray you will consider supporting us financially.
I've added a new support thermometer in the right column where you can watch us reach our final goal! 

Here's a recap:

I got to thinking... what if we did a Tree of Life for our little one?  We could have folks donate $25 per leaf and then we will write their name on the leaf.  The tree will hang in his/her room and be a constant reminder of the people who helped play a part in giving him/her a new life and a family.  

see the original post here: Tree of Life Fundraiser

We have sold 90 leaves so far!  There are 110 leaves left!

Help fill in the tree by making a $25 donation or more here:

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