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It's a GIRL!!!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been matched with a baby girl!! 
When we started this process a year and a half ago we never dreamed we’d be adopting a little lady from the U.S..  But, we are so thankful for the bumps in the road, the waiting, the tears, and all the frustration that comes with adoption because it has lead us to this little girl!  Friday night the phone rang and we heard the words we’ve been waiting months to hear, “she chose your family!”

Baby Girl
Due: January 31st in Utah

We will be leaving on January 30 and our expectant mom will be induced the next day.   We will stay for about 2 weeks until our paperwork is completed and we are cleared to come home to NC with baby girl.  I will post more soon about the process while in Utah. 

We are over the moon, but with that excitement comes some anxiety because we are still approximately $13,000 short in funds.  These remaining funds will pay for the rest of the agency fees as well as the expectant mother’s medical expenses, as she is uninsured.    

We have 3 weeks to come up with $13,000. 
Yes folks you read that right.
Are we nervous?  A little…
But, we also serve a mighty God who has faithfully provided every step of the way and we have watched Him blow us away through the generosity of others!
We feel so confident that He has chosen this little girl for our family and so instead of worrying we will choose to trust in Him!  

We pray that you will consider helping bring our little princess home.  No amount is too small!  All donations over $25 will buy you a leaf on baby girl’s Tree of Life!!  

Click the donate tab below to donate through paypal:

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  1. Oh Leah.... I am so excited for you and Ben!!!! Praying for the remaining funds to come in and the nerves I'm sure you are having! So exciting!!!


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