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           It's been a week since we got the call!  We've been busy getting together all the paperwork and documents for our agency.  Since we worked with a consultant, we applied to situations with many different agencies.  Therefore, what is usually done on the front end, (paperwork for an agency) didn't have to get done until we were matched.  We are still so excited and as we make travel arrangements and put the finishing touches on the nursery, it's all becoming real!  Here are some common questions we've had since we've been matched: 

Where and when is the baby being born?
            Baby girl is being born just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her expectant mom, “C”, is being induced on January 31st.  We will be at the hospital for the birth and will get to spend time with the baby during the hospital stay.  Depending on the expectant mom’s preference, we may (or just Leah) have the opportunity to be in the delivery room. 

Will you meet the birth mom?  
            Yes, we are flying out on January 30th and will have dinner with C the night before her induction.  We have talked with her on the phone and really love her!  She is funny and witty and meshes so well with us.  We are so thankful for that!  

Will you have contact with the birth mom after the delivery?
            Yes!  Since we started the domestic adoption process, we have always wanted to have an open relationship with our expectant mom.   We are so grateful for the gift she is giving us and for the fact that she chose life for her baby.  She is making an extremely courageous and selfless decision to put her baby’s life before her own wishes and desires.  We, of course, want to keep her updated on how little lady is doing!  Also, research shows that adopted children who have relationships and know about their birth parents grow up to be more well adjusted and confident in their identity.  As of right now, we will send letters and pictures through our agency to keep in contact with C. 

How long will you be in Utah?
            We will be in Utah anywhere from 7-14 days.  After expectant mom signs papers, we will be discharged from the hospital with baby girl.  We will remain in Utah until our paperwork is approved and we are cleared to leave the state and return home.  We are looking forward to having a week or two away to bond and love on our sweet girl before coming back to reality.

When is the adoption final? Can the birth mom change her mind in 5 years and come back and get the baby?
            24 hours after giving birth, C will (Lord willing), terminate her rights and we will be given full custody of baby girl.   Up until signing papers, C can change her mind at any time and choose to parent.  This, of course, would devastate us, but ultimately we are praying for the Lord’s will to be done.  If that means we don’t walk away with this baby, then we are confident there is a little one planned for us.  After signing papers, her rights are terminated permanently.  She will have no legal rights to the baby after papers are signed.  
            The adoption will not become finalized until 6 months after birth.  We are required to complete post placement assessments where our social worker will come over and see how things are going and to make sure the baby is being loved and cared for.  After these reports are completed and all the paperwork is compiled, our adoption will finalize in the state of Utah.   

How can we pray for you?
            Here are some ways you can pray for us right now:
-       Pray for C and baby girl’s health and safety
-       Pray for C, that she would remain confident in her adoption plan
-       Pray for us as we rush to complete paperwork and get things ready for a baby
-       Pray for the remaining finances

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  1. Sooo excited for y'all! I'll be praying for you and the birth mom!

  2. Sooo excited for y'all! I'll be praying for you and the birth mom!


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