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Are you on instagram?  Follow me HERE .  I really love instagram and I'm not a big "selfie" kind of girl and so before Haven my posts on instagram were few and far between.  Now that she is here I take pictures of her all throughout the day, I'm always posting on instagram.  I only post about 1 or 2 a day because I get that not everyone is as obsessed with my baby as I am!  I even gave little love her own hashtag: #dailydoseofhavengrace  
Here's our week in pictures: 
All 3 of daddy's girls LOVE when he comes home from work 
Daddy thinks she looks like an old woman in this cardigan outfit.  I tend to agree ;) 
Big yawns 
She loves the bathtub 
Strike a pose 
This is how we spend our afternoons 
Baby girl LOVES to stare at herself in the mirror.  It captivates her for a good 30 minutes
Could she get any cuter?  
Today, we attempted to take ONE month pictures.  I am going to do the monthly picture until she is one but I can't quite decide what I want to do... think I'll check out pinterest this afternoon for creative ideas.  Today's photo shoot attempt was filled with poopy diapers, crossed eyes and mad faces so I think we may give it another go around tomorrow.

Happy Friday y'all!! 

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