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Haven's 1st Easter

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the risen King!  

We've had a busy couple months and have been out of town or had company almost every weekend for the last 2 months.  We originally decided to stay home for Easter and have a weekend at home.  But, after some thinking, we decided last minute to head to Charleston to spend Easter with my family.  My brother's fiance was also in town from NYC and wanted to meet Haven.  So off to Charleston we went!  Little miss Haven has become quite the traveler and we are so thankful that she is such an easy going baby! 

We started off the weekend with some fun at SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park.  Mimi gladly stayed back for some alone time with Haven and us big kids headed off to jump.  We signed up for 90 minutes of jumping and I could tell within the first 15 minutes that I was going to pay the next day, but that didn't stop our fun! 
my brother mid side flip 
All the jumpers 
There was a room with tons of trampolines, two trampoline dodge ball games, trampoline basketball hoops and all sorts of other goodness.  I was sweating like a beast after 10 minutes... it was fun, like lots of big kid fun.  Speaking of big kids, you should have seen my husband playing dodgeball!  I'm pretty sure he was the biggest player and he may or may not have been whipping dodgeball's at small children.  He made friends with a bunch of 10 year olds who knew him by name.  High fives were exchanged and there may have even been some chanting of his name.  It was HILarious!  Here is him showing off his mad bball skills...

Yep, good times were had by all!  We headed home and geared up for church that night.  Haven was of course her usual sweetheart self and sat nicely like a big girl throughout service.  Wonder how long we can make it before I have to take her to the nursery?!  I hope never... yes, I've become that mom...

It was so nice to have all 4 of my siblings and our significant others together for Easter.  We spent time laughing, having jam sessions, lounging, and eating too much.  Here are a slew of pics from our weekend:

Colin and Carter waiting to hunt for eggs

Haven and Uncle Bob

Sweet girl 

Carter finding eggs 

Haven and her Papa

Peyton sporting her new hair cut 

My little bunny 
Sorry, I just had to... 

Worn out! 
Swinging at the pier 

Carter and Mimi

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