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Adoption Fundraising: Where to Start

What an exciting time as your family prepares to move forward with an adoption!  But, as you look over the long list of fees, you can't help but feel overwhelmed!  Don't let this feeling hinder you from moving forward.  Fundraising can be hard work, but the Lord will give you the stamina and perseverance to stay the course!    

Now what? Where do you start?

1)  Tell your story!   This can be done in many ways:
  • Make a video sharing your story.  
  • Write a letter to family and friends announcing your plans to adopt.  
  • Do you enjoy writing?  Start a blog.  Not only is it a great way to document your story, but it also gives family, friends and even complete strangers the chance to follow your story and be involved.  
  • Use social media to share your story and keep folks updated.  
  • Be sure to set up an easy place where family and friends can donate.  There are many wonderful tax deductible options for families to use during their fundraising efforts. 

2)  Take a look at your budget.  Sit down with your spouse and go through your current budget.  Don’t have a budget?  Now is the perfect time to make one!  Look at where your dollars are being spent each month.  Where can the budget be trimmed?  What would happen if you stopped eating out for a few months?  Or what if you went on a spending freeze for several months, only purchasing the bare necessities?  Saving takes hard work and discipline, but if you are reaching out to others for assistance it’s important to take a look inward and be a good steward of your finances. 

3)  Make an action plan.  What are some fundraisers you’d like to do? T-shirt sales, letter campaign, spaghetti dinner, online auctions, ect.  Spend time brain storming, making an action plan and praying with your family.  

Our family did several fundraisers:
  • Video - We made a video announcing our adoption plans and our motivations for growing our family through adoption.  We shared it on social media and asked our close family and friends to help spread the world.  The video then directed people to our blog where they could follow along and donate.  As a result of our video and spreading our story via word of mouth, the Lord provided over $12,000.
  • T-shirt fundraiser – We sold Hope Changes Everything t-shirts through .  This fundraiser raised $600
  • Tree of Life Fundraiser – Check out this link for more info.  After all the leaves were bought for $25/leaf, we raised just under $4000.
  • Online Auction – We hosted an online auction on our blog.  This was by far our most time consuming fundraiser.  I reached out to several etsy businesses as well as friends who ran small businesses and shared our story and asked if they would be willing to donate an item for the auction.  I agreed to link to their shop during the auction to help generate business for them.  We were so blown away by the support of complete strangers who offered to donate to our auction.  I held the auction for 3 days and the highest bidder at the end of the auction was the winner.  This fundraiser raised almost $2000.
  •  iPad Auction - We auctioned an iPad Mini on our blog.  Each $20 donation was an entry in the raffle.  We were able to raise over $3500 in less than a week. 
  • Grants – We received a matching grant for $4000 through our church.

Work hard.  Use your gifts and talents.  Pray.  Save.  And trust that God is faithful to provide.  Most importantly, be sure to individually thank every one of your contributors by sending a thank you card or email. 

Next up:  Guest Post - Top 15 Tips for Fundraising Families 

Interested in receiving more information about fundraising and access to resources to help you fund your adoption? Then working with an adoption consultant might be a good fit for your family.  Email me at 

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