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Mommy's Favorite Things - 0-6 Months

As a first time mommy on a budget, I was unsure of what we would really need.  There are tons of baby products out there on the market and it's hard to know what you can do without.  Here are a few of our favorite things we use on a daily/regular basis that have made life a lot easier. 

1) Fisher Price Rock and Play - this thing is pure gold if you ask me.  It's the first thing I recommend to all new mommies!  Haven slept in this instead of a bassinet/crib for the first 4.5 months.  She loved being slighty elevated and the "cradle" effect it has.   It was small enough to put right next to the bed when she was itty bitty and waking up several times a night. This rocker folds up which makes it easy to travel with. 

2) Aden and Anais Burpy Bib - someone gifted this to us and it's been well loved ever since.  The U shape around the next to it makes it a great burp cloth to tuck under their neck when eating and it fits nicely over mom/dad's shoulder too.  

3) Wubbanub - I adore the wubbanub.  Haven wouldn't fall asleep without a passy in the beginning.  But, her little muscles just weren't strong enough to hold the passy in place for long.  As soon as that passy would fall out of her mouth she would fuss and mommy would have to crawl out of bed and hold it in place until she fell asleep again.  UNTIL, someone told me about the wubbanub.  The little stuffed animal is attached to the pacifier and lays nicely across baby's chest.  If she spits the pacifier out, the weight of the wubby helps keep it from rolling away.  Now that Haven is older, the stuffed duck is easy to hold and find when she wants her passy. 

4) Pamper Swaddlers  - my favorite diapers hands down.  I've tried them all, and none hold as much as pampers swaddlers do.  Daddy's favorite feature is the green stripe that lets you know baby is wet.  We buy 'em in bulk from BJ's and save a couple dollars.  

5) Go Gaga Playtime Pal Giraffe -  Meet Haven's beloved "Jerry" the Giraffe.   Jerry has been her favorite toy for the last couple months.  At first it was all of his textures and crunchy noises he made.  Now, she loves to chew and teeth on him.  Jerry goes to the babysitters with her during the day and can always be found in the diaper bag when we are out and about.  

6) Bottle Dishwasher Basket - I like anything that makes my life easier and this does just that.  We use Dr. Brown's Bottle that have all the dreaded pieces.  During the week, I clean all the pieces in the dishwasher in this basket and once a week I boil everything to make sure they are good and clean.  

7) Ergo Baby Carrier - The ergo came highly recommended.  I got ours for a steal off craigslist.  We weren't crazy about the infant insert when she was a teeny baby (used a wrap more then).  But now we use this thing all the time.  It's comfortable and even has a couple pockets to carry my phone and debit card.  Haven loves riding along in it too. 

8) Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Wash - Love all the shea moisture products.  This smells delicious and helps clear up her cheeks when they get "chapped."

9) Doorway Jumper - We have two different brands and like them both.  Haven is a jumping bean and spends lots of time in here.  She has been hanging in this thing since she gained more control of her head/neck.  It wasn't until 5 months that she started bouncing a little and now at 6 months she jumps nonstop.  

10) Bumbo - We use it all the time. 

There you have it!  Just a few of our favorite things! 

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