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An Adoption Story: Congratulations, Robyn!

Today I am excited to share a beautiful adoption story with you! 

Robyn and I began chatting about whether working with Christian Adoption Consultants would be a good fit for her back in the fall.  After working with another agency for two years and never presenting to a situation, she began looking into other options.

Less than two months after signing up with CAC, Robyn presented and was matched with the FIRST situation she presenting to!  Here is what she emailed me the day she found out she was matched:

I think this was the very first person who I showed my profile to.  Isn't that amazing?!  It seems so....unlikely!  It took over two years to get viewed, and then, bam!


God’s timing is beautiful and Robyn’s story is such an encouragement to all of those we are single and questioning whether adoption is a possibility for them. 

What a joy it was to share in Robyn’s excitement when she traveled to visit with her son’s birth mother and attend an ultrasound with her. 

Kai Orion was eager to make his debut and came a few weeks early.  Robyn later shared that she chose his name because:

Kai means ocean and rejoice, Orion for the constellation...because he is loved from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the heavens.


During their stay in the NICU, I remember reading this email from Robyn with eyes filled with tears:

I was just thinking about how it would have been worth the wait to just hold Kai for five minutes.  But to get him for a whole lifetime? I don't even know the words for that feeling...overwhelmed with love is the closest I can get.  He is magnificent!

Adoption is beautiful and there is always purpose in the wait!  Congratulations, Robyn! 

Contact me at for more information about working with Christian Adoption Consultants. I would be love to help you during your adoption journey!

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