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Ben and I are so thankful for your kind words, prayers and support since we announced our next adoption! Over the last two weeks, we have raised over $700 through the Apple Watch raffle!

So you may have some questions about our adoption?  As you know from Haven’s adoption, we are an open book when it comes to the process.  Why?  Because, we think God gets the most glory when His faithfulness is on display!   Here are some answers to some questions we have received lately: 

Have you already been matched with an expectant mother?
No, we just finished up our home study.  A home study is required before you can be matched with a little one.  For the past couple months, we completed multiple background checks, physicals, and countless forms.  Last weekend, a social worker came to our house and interviewed us and she will write up a huge report about our family.   The report should be complete in a couple weeks.

How long will the process take?
We have no idea!  Once we move forward with the matching process, it could take a week before we are matched or it could be a year.  It all depends on God’s timing and when an expectant mother chooses us. 

Why adoption again? "Why not try for one of your own?"
When we adopted Haven she became our own.  We are her mommy and daddy and she is our daughter.  Any child who God blesses us with the opportunity to parent becomes our own.  When we prayed about whether we should adopt again or have a child biologically, we both felt strongly that the Lord was leading us down the path of adoption again.  We always knew we would adopt more than once and are thankful that Haven and her sibling will share a similar story.  

Are you adopting a baby?  Boy or girl?
We are approved to adopt a child up to six years old.  The majority of the placements through the agencies we are working with are newborns, however there are toddler and child placements occasionally.  Just like with a pregnancy, we will leave the gender of the baby up to God.  Although if you ask Ben he will say BOY ;)

How can we support you?
We would love for you to partner with us in prayer.  The devil hates seeing babies placed in loving Christian homes and you better believe He will pull out all the stops to discourage us on this journey. Also pray for protection over our future child and their birth parents.  

If you are interested in partnering with us financially there are a few ways you can do that:
  • Buy a raffle ticket for the Apple Watch
    • Every $20 donation gives you one entry into the raffle!  
  • Make a donation here
  • Do you shop on Amazon? Simply click on the link below and shop away and amazon will give us a percentage of your total sale.  Super easy! 
  • Purchase one of these awesome "Love Always Holds onto Hope" tshirts from Chrome Buffalo starting August 15th – August 25th

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  1. So excited for you! We just finalized our daughter's adoption -- almost 6 months to the day of placement.


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