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For all who have sent us encouraging messages, prayed for us, or given financially, Ben and I can’t thank you enough for partnering with our family in this adoption!  I can sum up the last week in three words:  God is faithful! 
We can’t wait to share more about the details.  Here’s a little Q & A

Where will the baby be born?
West Virginia of all places! 

What’s the due date?
The baby’s due date is January 2nd but baby will likely be here sometime before or around Christmas.  What a great gift!

What’s the baby’s gender?
When we decided to pursue this situation the gender was unknown.  Last week the agency updated us to let us know she had an ultrasound and it’s a …… GIRL!  We are thrilled for Haven to have a little sister. 

Why is her mom placing her for adoption?
While we understand there are so many questions regarding the expectant mom and why she is choosing adoption, we feel like it’s our soon-to-be little ones personal story.  Please please know our reasoning behind this is not to be rude or try to hide anything.  We’ve spent lots of time praying about this and feel like it’s our job to protect our children and the personal details of their adoption stories.  One example of why we do this is because we don’t want her to hear about her biological mother or adoption story from other people – we want her to be the first to hear it and then have the choice of whether or not she wants to share those details with others.  I wrote a blog post on this last year – you can read more about it here

What are you going to name her?
Ha!  Let’s see if Ben and I can agree on a name!  Thankfully we have a couple months to find something we both love!

What is her race?
Yes, we know everyone is curious but doesn't know how to ask.  Our newest little love will also be black.  

What happens if she changes her mind and decides to parent the baby?  Will you lose all the money you’ve spent?
This is a great question!  First, if she decides to parent, we will support her in that decision.  We realize this is a very difficult decision to make and follow through on.  We are not just in this process because we want a baby.  We adopt domestically so that we can come alongside an expectant mother and be the hands and feet of Jesus to her.  If adoption is what is best for her and the baby, we will be there to love and support her through the process.  If parenting is what is best for her and the baby, we will be there to love and support her through the process.   We already love this expectant mother and the little one she is carrying.  Of course our hearts will be disappointed if this baby girl isn’t meant for our family.  BUT, we desire the Lord’s will above all else.  The great news is, that if she decides to parent, the agency will roll over 100% of our agency fees to another adoption with their agency.  So there will be very little financial loss for our family. 

What about finances?  Were you able to meet your match fee this week?
As most of you know, we are an open book when it comes to adoption finances.  There are several reasons why we are this way, but the main one is so that God’s faithfulness can be on display.  Our total cost for this adoption is almost $26,000.  We were required to pay a large portion of that cost this week to our agency.  In a weeks time, we have raised over $4000 on top of the $4000+ we have already raised in fundraisers.  Since we only had a week to come up with a lot of money, we had to borrow money to cover the match fee.  We were reluctant to do this, but have full confidence that God is going to provide in the coming months.  And friends… can I just tell you a little bit more about His faithfulness?!?  This morning I woke up with a lot of anxiety about all this money.  I spent the morning praying boldly that the Lord would provide and that we would be awarded some of the grants we have applied to.  One hour my heart would have an incredible peace and then the next I would be pleading with God to confirm we are on the right path.  Then this afternoon I checked my email and found out we’ve been awarded a matching grant.  The grant agency has offered to match any donations we receive up to $2500 meaning we could potentially receive a $5000 check from them.  Wow!  Not only is God so good to provide this opportunity, but to also give us that confirmation that we have been desiring.  We will post more details very soon about the matching grant and how/where you can give if you are interested.  Aside from this grant, we are still waiting to hear back on several other adoption grants.  Thankfully we have until January to continue fundraising and saving for this adoption. 

How can we pray for your family?   
  • Pray for “A” (the expectant mother) and her health and safety.
  • For her heart as she moves forward with this adoption plan. 
  • For the precious baby girl in her belly that she would remain safe and healthy
  • Pray for continued favor with the grant agencies who are reviewing our applications.  We know that one particular grant agency is reviewing our file on Oct 6th. 
  • Pray the Lord would continue to provide the funds through this matching grant and our future fundraisers
  • Pray for Ben and I – that we would know how to love on this expectant mother well
  • Pray for our hearts, adoption is a roller coaster of emotions! 

Thank you for celebrating with us this week!!  We are overwhelmed by the love and generosity that has been poured out on us with both of our adoptions! 


  1. Love you! Praying for A's heart during this incredibly difficult time. Praying God would be glorified through this.

  2. David and I are so filled with joy for your family! It is so much like our son and his wife's story when they adopted our Grace from China. Our prayers and support are wtih you!


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