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Update on Deacon

Oh friends what a whirlwind this last week has been!  I’m finally getting some time to sit down and share some more of our little guy’s story.   We found out we would be adopting him last Monday November 23rd.   He wasn’t due for a couple more weeks but his birthmom was already 2cm dilated on Monday so we suspected he might be early.  We decided to head to Georgia for Thanksgiving as we had already planned and brought his carseat along just in case he decided to make an early appearance.  We had a great week with Ben’s family and on Friday we had planned to announce that we were re-matched publicly.  In fact, we took this picture right before we left for a family thanksgiving gathering to use as our “announcement” pic. 

Little did we know that in a few minutes I would get an email that said “call me ASAP, it’s important :)” .  I immediately called the agency and they let me know that V (Deacon’s birthmom) was in labor and headed to the hospital.  We called Ben’s parents who had left the house a few minutes before us and stopped in a gas station parking lot to transfer Haven over to them so that we could go back to the house and pack up our things.  I wasn’t mentally prepared for saying goodbye to Haven in such a rush and broke down knowing we were about to leave her for several days.  We headed back to Ben's parents house and quickly packed up our things and started to make the five hour journey to FL.  We made it to the hospital in record timing and were able to go meet V for the first time.  We were so nervous as we headed to her room to meet her.   Soon after we walked in the room the nerves lifted and we enjoyed getting to know her and hear about her pregnancy.   She is such a sweetheart and we meshed so well.   She was so happy we had made it in time for his arrival.  

I will write more of his birth story and our time with V soon but in the meantime I am going to answer some of the questions we have been getting lately…

What’s wrong with Deacon?  Why is he in the NICU?
A few hours after birth he started to exhibit some signs of respiratory distress.  Although his vitals and stats were pretty good, he was grunting while breathing.  The doctor told us that this, along with some other symptoms he was having, could be a sign of infection.  When things did not subside after a couple hours they decided to run bloodwork and do a spinal tap.  During this process, they told us all of the very scary possibilities of what an infection could do to his little body if it was in his spinal fluid and brain.  So over the next several hours they thankfully ruled out all of the very scary stuff but did find he had an infection in his blood.  They started him on several antibiotics and moved him to the NICU.  On top of not feeling well, he is having trouble eating and the antibiotics are causing him to have diarrhea.  The combination of these two things have caused weight loss.  So our goal and prayer over the coming days is that the antibiotics would continue to fight his infection and he would eat well and gain weight.  Our other prayer is that he would remain stable in all other areas.  He has some other things going on that aren't our main concern, but that they are keeping a close eye on.  Thankfully our sweet boy is going to be just fine.  These things take time and we will be here as long as he needs to be until he is strong enough to go home. 

When will you be able to come home?
We don’t know yet.  When they started the antibiotics they told us that we would be here at least 5 additional days.  However, now that he is having weight loss, this may set us back.  The NICU is incredible and we are so thankful for the amazing care that he is getting while here. 

What ethnicity is the Deacon?
He is biracial.  His birthmom is Caucasian and his birthfather is African American.

How are you and Ben doing?
We are doing well.  The Ronald McDonald house is an amazing blessing.  The staff at the hospital are beyond wonderful.  God has put dozens (wish I had time to write out story after story) of wonderful people in our path while here who have encouraged us.  God has been all over every detail.  Being in a children’s hospital and staying at the Ronald McDonald house puts everything into perspective.  Thankfully Deacon is going to be fine… sadly there are so many families here who can’t say the same thing about their kids.  It's an eye opening experience and makes you really count your blessings! 

I will share more of his birth story and our time with birthmom soon.   Just please realize that we keep many of the details of his story private.  We want him to be the first one to hear about his story.  If he decides to share details then that is a choice we want him to be able to make himself. 

Ben and I can’t thank our village enough for the role you have played in making Deacon a Braly!!  Your financial support, prayers, and encouragement have made it possible for this little guy to be a part of our family forever and for that there are not enough THANK YOUs in the world to express our gratitude!!!

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