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Big News Coming Soon!

Ever have a God sized dream?
The kind that you think, if this really happens it’s only because of Him.
Well, I’ve had one for a couple years now.
A seed was planted in my heart a few years ago and although I wasn’t sure of how the details would unfold, I prayed He would guide and direct me.

I didn’t verbalize it to many, because what if it doesn’t come true?
Then you have to deal with the embarrassment of telling people it didn’t work out.
I wish I would have been bolder and vocalized it to others.
Because hiding it only reveals my lack of faith.
And because what a testament to Him when others watch him faithfully give us the desires of our hearts.  

But, like always, God showers His grace upon me, even when my faith falls short.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been amazed as I have watched the Lord orchestrate all the details in only ways He can to make one of my dreams come true.
It’s been amazing and I couldn’t be more excited!

I can’t wait to share the details next week on my new redesigned blog!
Until then I will keep you guessing ;) 

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