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Adoption Story: Josh and Hannah (part TWO)

I'm picking right back up with Josh and Hannah's adoption story and the incredible ways God provided in the days after finding out they were matched. Back in the summer when they put their "yes" on the table for adoption they were attending a concert and the lyrics "I don't know what's coming, but it's going to be good" played on repeat and in those moments they trusted God had something BIG and GOOD for them. Oh my was good...

We were matched with the girls on April 8th, and they were originally scheduled to be delivered on April 25th. Well, on April 14th we got a call that the delivery had been moved up a week and the girls were coming that Monday, April 18th! We were still 30K shy of our goal, and in 24 hours we raised 16,000 dollars which was matched by an incredible donor, to bring us to our goal!!! I couldn't believe all the people that rallied around us - so many people shared our video on Facebook, and so many names I didn't even recognized ended up on our donor list. Another crazy part to all of this is, Josh had to pick what day to take a huge medical school test back in November, he picked April 15th as his date for the test, we had been praying through our adoption that something would happen in the two weeks he has off after the test, because it's practically his only time off school all year, well the girls were born Monday morning, the first day of his two weeks off! We were blown away by how every detail was taken care of. If God is calling you to do something big and scary, I can tell you with confidence to jump. You will be amazed. 
And just like that they had everything they needed to welcome these sweet girls into the world.
Meet Olive and Ezra.

Aren't they the sweetest?

Describe your time spent with Ezra and Olive’s birthmom.
We are so blessed to have L in our lives now. The first time we talked to her we talked for over 2 hours and we just knew right away that this was it. We were so excited to finally meet her the night before the girls were born. We are ALL so nervous. She was so beautiful and she was so steady. She kept saying that she knew her job was to find the perfect parents for these girls. She called us her guardian angels. I felt so honored that she wanted us both to be in the delivery room with her.

I held her hand during the epidural, and rubbed her head during the c-section. I told her she was my hero, and she said "no, you are mine". But it was hard. It was so hard to see her say goodbye to the girls, even though I know it wasn't goodbye forever. She is an incredible woman and Josh and I are completely humbled, and grateful and honored that she chose us to be these girls parents.

What was the most unexpected challenge of your adoption?
As with all adoptions, there are always up and downs, and turns you didn't expect. We thought that domestic adoption would be cheaper than international, and with Josh in medical school, and me working for a small non-profit we barely had any extra funds. We were terrified when we found our the situation we were matched with was going to go be almost double what we had planned - We were amazed by the number of people that came round us to help us reach our goal.

What was the most unexpected blessing of this process?
Well, the BIGGEST unexpected blessing was definitely that we were matched with TWINS! We knew our adoption story would be big and crazy, but I never once thought we would have TWINS! (Josh said he knew the whole time. ha!) But now, I can't imagine anything else. I am so thankful a friend with twins, the night that we were deciding to present our profile or not told us not let fear be the determining factor. How quickly we can't imagine life without these girls! The other unexpected blessing was the friendships that came out of the adoption process. It truly takes a village, and the community of other adoptive moms and families became some of our greatest friends. They were the ones texted us constantly checking up on how everything was going, they listened when the wait got hard, they gave donations and shared posts. We are so grateful for the lasting friends we made through the small world of adoption.

Congratulations Josh and Hannah! I love that your "something bigger" and "something good" meant not just adoption, but TWINS!

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