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Adoption Story: Chris and Lizzy

Back in August I had an adoption situation cross my desk. As soon as I read through it I just knew I had the perfect family for this expectant mama – Chris and Lizzy. They fit all of the specific criteria the expectant mama had in mind when choosing an adoptive family for her little one. I forwarded the situation over to them and they agreed they would like to have their profile presented. When my husband walked through the door later that evening, I shared with him that I read through an adoption situation earlier and had this crazy gut feeling that Chris and Lizzy would be chosen.

 Chris and Lizzy had just wrapped up their home study the week prior, but there was one big piece of the puzzle missing… their profile was not finished yet! Unable to shake the feeling that this was their little one, I cleared my evening schedule and spent the next several hours finishing their profile so that they would have enough time to get it printed and overnighted to the agency.

I wasn’t surprised when we got the email from the agency that they had been chosen! Lizzy shares more of their story below:

Prior to meeting and marrying my husband, adoption was always one of the ways I had envisioned growing my family. When we were married, my husband wanted to start the process prior to having biological children. I was not ready then and wanted to attempt to have biological children first. Like many other stories, we were not able to due to an unexplained infertility diagnosis.

Even though I had always been adamant about wanting to adopt, taking the first step into the process was more difficult than I had ever anticipated. This fear just took over me and doubts started to flood my mind. What about the birth mother? How am I just going to walk away with her baby? Do I really want an open adoption? How ethical are these agencies and adoption entities? Why does it cost so much?

I initially contacted Leah at CAC in July 2015. Leah responded to my questions and gave me information on the services provided and the multi-agency approach. This was great, but I just couldn't get over the fear and doubt in my mind. I consistently prayed for God to enlighten my path and for me to surrender all these fears. I just could not get myself to take the first step, and then I thought maybe this isn't truly for us.

I may have given up momentarily, but God is always faithful and he continued to put the desire and pull in my heart until it was so strong I could not ignore it any longer, it was time to obey and truly step out in faith.

In March 2016, we signed up with CAC and were home study approved by August. We were just in the process of finalizing our profile book so we could apply to agencies when Leah presented us with a situation regarding a baby boy due in October, which she believed we would be great for our family. We read it and right away wanted to present. We had two days to finalize our profile book and print it locally (not very fancy) and overnight it. Leah was so amazing she worked through the night to complete our book so we could send it in time. 

Two weeks later we heard back that V wanted to talk with us over the phone. This was the most nervous I think I have ever been, but once it started, I was truly overwhelmed at how incredibly sweet, loving, and brave she was and she broke the news to us that she had chosen us! We kept in touch weekly and took a road trip to meet her, the birthfather, and their daughter. It went so well I felt as if we were out with extended family. We had such a great connection - I instantly loved her!

The day Mateus was born we made it hours after his delivery, but I was able to spend the night not only bonding with my son, but also with V. The day consent was signed I was happy, but I was sad at the same time because her loss was our gain. We had to stay in the hospital a couple more weeks and I never would have imagined how much I would miss V, even though we keep in touch by phone.

Adoption can be hard, but it’s truly beautiful and filled with love. I learned what God can do when we step out in faith and surrender, no matter our circumstances and the limitations we put on ourselves. Our story is one truly only orchestrated by him!

Meet handsome little Mateus: 

God’s timing is perfect and I couldn’t be happier for your family! Congratulations Chris and Lizzy!

If you are interested in learning more about domestic adoption email me at

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